A Different Approach to Diet

“It needs to be a lifestyle change.” Everyone says it, but what does that even mean?

It seems like some people can achieve this. One day, they are suddenly obsessed with counting calories and working out. They pour all their mental and physical energy into forcing this new lifestyle, planning their meals and prioritizing exercise. But then life happens. A crisis, a new job, a new relationship or a lost relationship throws them off the horse, and they fall back into their old ‘lifestyle’. Maybe that’s you. Or maybe you’re more like me, and although you’ve longed to be healthier, you could never muster the motivation to get on that diet horse to begin with. Either way, nothing changes.

So for those of us who weren’t born into healthy eating habits, how do we achieve the ever-so-coveted lifestyle change?


For most of my adult life, I ate everything I wanted. I still do. But somehow, what I want is changing. Although I still haven’t achieved optimum health or my desired diet and lifestyle, I am three years closer to eating the way I want to eat. I’m tackling one thing at a time. I’m making slow, small changes.

I want to invite you to join me on this journey to healthier eating, wherever you’re at.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An adding approach. We all know we need to cut back on fat, salt, and sugar, but let’s postpone those things. First, I want to focus on consuming MORE nutrient dense, health-promoting foods.
  • Spoiler alert: the most health-promoting, nutrient dense foods out there are those dark, leafy greens. So let’s add them first.
  • We’ll focus on the GREENS for awhile. We’ll brainstorm fun ways to eat them, easy ways to eat them, and sneaky ways to eat them. Eating greens on the go. Getting greens when you’re busy.
  • Recipes
  • And if this is the only change we make, we’ll have made a significant improvement to our health, but I don’t intend to stop there.

And the best part is, you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle. We’re just going to add one thing and watch it change.


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