Eating More Leafy Greens

Let’s start with the obvious.

Leafy greens have got to be the least disputed health food there is. Whether you subscribe to the Paleo Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, a vegetarian diet, or the Standard American Diet, leafy greens are in… and usually in unlimited amounts. They are high in fiber, low in calories, chock full of vitamins (like A, C, K, and folate) and minerals (like potassium, calcium, and iron), and help your healthy gut bacteria to flourish. These leaves are even credited with their ability to ward off many types of cancers.


Since leafy greens are second only to immortality, why are they such a chore to eat?

  • Well, for starters, they’re a touch bitter, and that takes some getting used to.
  • Secondly, all that fiber means you really gotta chew – a lot.
  • Buy, wash, spin – or dry with copious amounts of paper towel. Chop. Wash and chop a bunch of other vegetables. Find a suitable salad dressing, and chew. Need I say more?

It’s not that I don’t like greens, I do. Nonetheless, I have let countless bundles of greens wilt or rot in the crisper of my fridge. I bought them with the very best of intentions; I just frequently didn’t get around to eating them. And I loath wasting food so much that I just stopped buying leafy greens altogether.

Over the next few weeks or months, we’re going to get into specific strategies for getting more greens into your body, but it starts with buying them.

By ADDING MORE LEAFY GREENS to your diet, you might expect:

  • a little digestive discomfort if you’re not used to eating them regularly.
  • to feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal.
  • to eat more often.
  • to feel more energized after a meal rather than lethargic.
  • to have less cravings for sugary foods.
  • to poop more frequently and easily.
  • to eat fewer calories overall.
  • to start craving dark green vegetables.

So plan to make your favorite leafy green dish or salad in the next few days to boost your health and kick start a fresh focus on adding leafy greens.



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